Here are a few selected websites of other craft workers that i often see at craft shows.

Handmade traditional Rocking Horses made by Terry and Margaret White. 

Leather goods handmade by Linda Atkins.

Mandy creates a wide range of contemporary sterling silver jewellery, also working with copper and semi-precious stones.

Ornamental wooden clocks made by Bob and Anita Foster. 

High quality coin jewellery made by Paul Hornby.

Unique jewellery made from  Dichroic Glass.

Ornamental painted glassware by Peter and Rowena Sellors.

Handcrafted Repurposed Glass & Soy Wax Candles.

Quality wildlife sculptures.

Unique silver jewellery created by Douglas and Meredith Copland.

Fine art and photography in a totally unique way.

A  marvellous emporium of handmade bespoke jewellery. 

Personalised handmade gifts for children.

The little shop of lovely things.

Handmade pottery made by Lyndsey and Keith 

British made wardrobe hangers. 

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